Don’t Let ANY Contractor Climb On Your Roof Unless They Can Clearly State Their Preparation and Safety Procedures.

Preparation is far more important than most home owners believe.

A Simple Bent Gutter From Careless Workers Can Cost You $450 to Over $8000

Our ladders are fitted with tilt-off's. This simple preparation can protect against damage.

Plugging A Drain Field From Roof Debris Can Cost $1500 to over $10,000 to Repair…

Some contractors wash all the moss and debris right down your downspouts without any care over what’s happening to your drain field. We simply block the downspouts with a toilet bowl brush. It’s a little silly but it works, the water goes down and the debris gets washed out!

The Most Common & Costliest Damage Done By Roof Cleaners Is…

Dragging hoses across the ridges. A penetration in your roof could cost you an entire new roof system. Ridge shingles are delicate and take enough wear due to harsh weather. Dragging hoses back and forth cross those ridges cut like a saw. One of our clients had over $5400 in damage to the roofing system because a cleaner dug countless holes in his ridge causing serious unseen damage for months. By the time it was discovered, it had caused dry rot, de-lamination and interior mold.

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