How The Roof Medic Overcomes Them All!

When your roof was new you probably noticed it went years without moss then it was covered overnight? Moss spores reproduce in the billions. Cleaning a roof without eliminating the bacteria, spores and fungus is actually taking the life out of your roof!

Roof manufacturers are now designing in-algae resistance like Dupont Teflon and other formula’s to inhibit damage from moss and algae. The 2 problems are… Like wax on a car, treatments wear out, and treatments aren’t designed to replace maintenance!

Moss is destructive to every roof type in a different way.

  1. It delaminates & eats holes in composition,
  2. Dry rots cedar shake turning it to mush
  3. It fills flashing's full of moss causing water to divert around it and into your home leading to expensive leaks. It also lifts cement tiles making them extremely susceptible to breaking.

Solution #1…Eliminate decomposing debris. That’s where roof damage happens. Simply blowing loose debris from the surface will slow decomposing debris from creating spores and moss!

Solution #2…ACTIVE treatments Eliminate the Source, it’s effective on spores, fungus and bacteria. Like antibacterial soap for your hands, Active treatments stop reproducing moss and fungus at the root!

The Roof Medic uses a specialized ACTIVE treatment that kills moss down to the spores and prevents moss growth for at least 2 years! Schedule a FREE inspection to learn why our method is the right one!

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