Are the technicians working on my roof actually qualified to be on the roof?

Our technicians are trained with experienced roof experts before they ever work on your home. Very few technicians are able to make it through our interview, training and field training process. Their work is routinely reviewed to insure the work being completed is done correctly. Each tech is properly outfitted and trained safety equipment for their protection and yours.

Is the equipment that is being used designed for roofs?

Our cleaning process starts with systems designed for roofs and are calibrated to be within our certified specifications for optimum care for your roof cleaning and safety.

What can I do to prevent moss?

Keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris as well as trimming back any overhanging trees and shrubs are the best preventative measures to keep moss away.

What is the difference between your 2 moss treatments?

We offer 2 roof treatments options, both which help prevent moss growth. Our basic zinc moss treatment is a powered that is applied to the ridge line of the roof. Each time it rains this treatment is activated and reactivated to help detour moss spores from taking root. Our signature RoofGaurd moss treatment is a liquid sodium treatment that is apply to every square inch of your roof. This treatment is active at the time of application and kills all moss spores on contact and does the best job at preventing future moss growth. It is so good, we warranty it with our 2 year moss free warranty. RoofGaurd also removes black and green algae staining that is common on roofs.

Are you properly insured?

We carry "high limit" liability insurance which protects your property; and Worker's Comp that covers any injuries while working on your property.

Do you guarantee your work?

Our service has a no questions service guarantee, which means any aspect of our service that was missed or not up to your standards, we will come back out and take care of it promptly. If your still not satisfied with our service, it is FREE.

How do I pay my bill?

You can pay your bill online or by sending us a check by mail.