Reminder calls are made the morning of service and a message will be left if you are not available. Job cancellations or rescheduling must be done at least 2 business days in advance to avoid a $75.00 fee. Please make certain all expected tasks, extras, and verbal agreements are noted on the contract. If you notice something was forgotten, contact the office immediately to discuss. Our service technicians may only be instructed to do services requested on the contract and only in our standard procedure unless otherwise noted.

Preparation Checklist [PLEASE COMPLETE]:

  • Fences & Gates: Please make sure all gates are unlocked so we have access to the yard for clean-up and any necessary preparation.
  • Pets: Please make arrangements for your pets to remain inside on the day of service as animals will likely escape through an open gate or be a deterrent to the technicians. Animal feces should be cleaned as best as possible prior to service as we typically do not require our technicians to clean up debris around feces due to health concerns. Also, please check your gates before letting pets back out in case any are not closed or latched properly.
  • General Preparations: For scheduled cleaning and/or treatment services we recommend moving all movable plants, nic-nacs, hanging baskets, flags, wind chimes, and any patio furniture away from the home to protect from debris and damage during service.
  • Vehicles: For scheduled cleaning and/or treatment services, please move any vehicles near the home a safe distance away from your house so debris and treatment do not get on them or make it difficult to clean around.
  • Windows: For scheduled cleaning and/or treatment services, please make sure all windows are closed so debris and/or water does not get inside. We also recommend all window AC units be removed so there is no risk of damage.
  • Entry Doors & Sliders: For scheduled cleaning and/or treatment services, place a towel inside the home at the base of all exterior doors. When the home is rinsed down a threshold can allow water in under the door.
  • Skylight Precaution: For scheduled cleaning and/or treatment services, place a sheet directly under skylights to prevent any debris from getting on objects below as debris sometimes gets around the skylight curbing. If this happens, let one of our technicians know and we will promptly clean up any debris from our service.
  • Pools & Ponds: For scheduled cleaning and/or treatment services make sure these are covered. If you do not have any way to cover these, we can cover them for a nominal fee. Please let our office know in advance so we are prepared on the day of cleaning and treatment.


Our crew will clean-up your home the same day of service. If the service is not completed in one day, our technicians will still clean-up their affected work areas so your home is free of debris. If there is any area that looks missed, please call us and we will promptly return to re-clean any missed or questionable areas. Technicians are not responsible for cleaning up debris that was present prior to the service and are typically not expected to clean up areas with animal feces present. Please be aware that we commonly rinse down the entire home for both cleaning and treatment services due to debris splatter and to avoid treatment streaks. This includes decks, patios, porches, etc.


Moss treatments are typically done within one week of the cleaning. However, it may be done the same day if schedule and weather allows. Weather factors such as rain or freezing weather may cause longer wait times.


All repairs are typically done within one week of cleaning. However, they may be done the same day if schedule and weather allows. Be sure to leave out any spare tile, composition, etc., you may have in front of the garage or front door.