What is the difference between your two moss treatments?

Our basic zinc moss treatment is a powder that is applied to the ridge line of the roof. Each time it rains this treatment is activated to help detour moss spores from taking root. You will see white lines on your roof after this treatment in applied, it becomes a “clear tone” over time. This treatment is included with our Budget Package service.

Our signature RoofGaurd moss treatment is a liquid sodium treatment that is apply to every square inch of your roof. This treatment is active at the time of application and kills all moss spores on contact. This treatment is the more effective of the two options at preventing future moss. This treatment also removes black and green algae staining from the roof as well as other dirt spots. You will not see this treatment on your roof once applied. This treatment is included with our Value Package service.

Do you service my type of roof?

We service and repair composite roofing of all kinds, 3 -tab shingles, architectural shingles, presidential shingles, etc.

We service and repair tile roofing of all kinds, concrete tile, slate tile, ceramic tile, lightweight tile, etc.

We service and do some repairs for metals roofs including stone coated metal and simulated tile, shingle, and shake.

We service and do some types of repairs for torch down and other flat roof materials.

We are no longer providing shake or cedar roofing services. However, we would be happy to answer any questions you have and refer you to another company that can help you.