Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

Only in rare circumstances do we give quotes over the phone. Even for simple services like roof cleaning, we require an in person estimate. This allows us to inspection your roof for the safety of our technicians and allows us to give you an accurate quote. At times, customers roofs do not even require a full clean, inspecting the roof first allows us to recommend a lower cost maintenance service instead. There are also occasions where vents, flashings, and other roof components are failing and/or leaking without the customers knowledge. In these cases, inspection the roof enables us to notify the customer of underlying issues and make recommendations before a larger problem occurs.

Do I have to be home to receive an estimate?

We do appreciate you being home during the estimate, however, it is not an absolute requirement. Your being present during the estimate helps get all your questions answered quickly and ensures we quote you on all services you are looking for. Typically, we do not need access to inside the home.

For some repairs and leaks, we may require you to be home and we may also need access to your home or attic space.

I already have an estimate, can I schedule the service online?

To schedule services, you will need to talk to our office directly. Because everyone’s roof and service is different, we need to take a specific look at your service to schedule it. This allows us to ensure the technicians have an ample amount of time on the day of service to complete everything thoroughly.